A Journey of Success

Since our inception in 2006, we have consistently pursued excellence. Every step along the way has led us to become leaders in the precious metal recovery industry, with a reputation built on quality and loyalty.

Thanks to Our Team

The success of Sar Recycling is the result of the hard work and dedication of our exceptional team. We thank every member of our staff, our customers, and our partners for their trust and support over the years!


The New Logo

The new logo is designed to represent the variety of services we offer. Within three elements, you can see a crucible, a drum, a semi-finished product, a coin, a bracket, a drop of molten metal, a spark from the incinerator, and anything else your imagination leads you to see!
Thank you for being part of our success story.
See you in the FUTURE!

The transformation factor from price / oz to price / kg is 32.1507425.

The information shown is purely indicative and not binding. The user acknowledges that SAR Recycling SA has no responsibility for the accuracy of the aforementioned.


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