The incineration process is aimed to treat a very wide range of waste, deriving from the watchmaking industry, such as rags and papers, gloves, wet waste from turning or polyssage, and any other waste from goldsmith processing.

Every single waste is treated as the most precious product to be recovered, of which every drop has value.


Staying in the communicative metaphor, it is a matter of removing what exceeds until you get the hidden drop of nectar: precious metals. We use incinerators duly compartmentalized and placed under suction, constantly monitored by our employees.

The result, still raw, undergoes further processing steps (grinding, mixing, separation, etc.) and is then intended for melting and refining. The very high attention that drives each step guarantees the recovery of all the precious metal contained.

The satisfaction of our customers is our best business card: in fact, the loyalty and precision that we have promptly shown have led to a significant growth in our customer portfolio.


The transformation factor from price / oz to price / kg is 32.1507425.

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