We have chosen to be grateful to the planet: if profit is the "natural" purpose of a company, it is not NATURAL that the end justifies the means. Probably, on a conceptual level, the recovery of precious metals is the "green" activity by excellence: everything we receive is intended to have a second life, including waste! The virtuous circle is evident. Yet, it would not be right to omit that an activity like ours - in itself - involves a risk for the environment. The reduction or cancellation of this risk are among the purposes of our business planning and our daily operations.


By contacting certified laboratories, we constantly check emissions; through the use of machines and tools, we treat the fumes deriving from the processes; containment tanks, adequate floors and compartments limit the consequences of an accident to the sphere of the repairable; the training of employees guarantees the correct use of all safety systems. In addition, the competent control authorities on the subject never fail to show us their willingness to tackle each aspect of Environmental Protection together: by cooperating, we obtain results more quickly and effectively.

Even in the face of so much attention, the desire to repay the Earth remains.

We therefore decided to go to the facts! Below you will find some of the initiatives that we have promoted or to which we have joined.


SAR Recycling is a proud supporter of the Laveggio Park and of the redevelopment project dedicated to it. "2023 Year of Laveggio" is the project promoted by the Citizens' Association for the area aimed at creating new paths to travel through areas that are inaccessible today, an educational path and shaded areas, the installation of new benches and signs. The Laveggio Park will thus become a green area of proximity for all the inhabitants of the Mendrisiotto.

We are proud to give strength to the program for the development of the Laveggio park, for the benefit of all the people who will be able to enjoy it, immersed in a nature rich in naturalistic variety.

We are proud to be part of this team in support of our territory and grateful to the Citizens Association for the territory for its commitment to the important redevelopment of the Laveggio Park.

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The transformation factor from price / oz to price / kg is 32.1507425.

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