Gold, silver, palladium and platinum: the precious fruits of the Earth are resources that need to be recovered. This is our job. The "wind" of the aspirations is treated to avoid harmful emissions into the environment. The "fire" of our ovens is managed by highly qualified personnel, whose health is constantly protected and safeguarded.


 Our company is the holder of the foundry mark as attested by "Registration of the sealer’s trademark" (Dep. N. 193) released by the Central Office of Precious Metals Control - Swiss Confederation (BCMP). The casting service is aimed at different types of materials, including: scrap and waste from gold and silverware, dental waste, mixed metal waste, coarse from incineration and others.

The extreme care of all the steps is guaranteed by adequate process and control procedures. The company is supervised by OAD-FCT (under the control of FINMA, the Swiss Authority for the Control of the Financial Market) and carries out an in-depth "compliance" respecting the Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering (AML - CFT), with constant monitoring in this area.


The transformation factor from price / oz to price / kg is 32.1507425.

The information shown is purely indicative and not binding. The user acknowledges that SAR Recycling SA has no responsibility for the accuracy of the aforementioned.


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