Whether attention to detail is a company prerogative, there is a section where this attention requires absolute perfection: the analysis laboratories, where rigorous scientific calculation guides the know-how of the operators.

We take care of every single analysis with the same passion and attention that we dedicate to our rarest plants.


Our "Essayeurs Jurès" (sworn assayers) operate in compliance with Swiss Law for the Control of Precious Metals (LCMP) and follow the directives imposed by the BCMP. All laboratory staff are university-trained and being accurate their main goal.

The determination of precious metals is achieved through analytical or instrumental methods. The places where the use of RX, acidic substances or pyrolysis is expected, are duly protected and compartmentalized. The waste resulting from the analysis is rigorously disposed of by authorized third parties.


The transformation factor from price / oz to price / kg is 32.1507425.

The information shown is purely indicative and not binding. The user acknowledges that SAR Recycling SA has no responsibility for the accuracy of the aforementioned.


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