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exhausted catalysts

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We purchase and work exhaust catalysts since the 80s, when the use of these devices was introduced into the automotive industry.
Since then, SAR RECYCLING SA has become one of the leading companies in this field.
Our warehouses are equipped to hold hundreds of tons of goods at the same time. The goods are strictly registered per customer and monitored by an alarm system connected to armed surveillance. All the goods stored have full insurance coverage...

Recovery of jewelery scrap and industrial waste

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SAR RECYCLING SA deals with the recovery of precious metals contained in:
- Scrap and waste materials containing precious metals;
- Industrial waste;
- Metal alloys for the recovery of precious metals;
- Semi-finished products for refining process;
- Rags, gloves and other material from goldsmith and industrial processing;
- Ashes from the burning of poor waste;
- Dental alloys for the recovery of precious metals...

of electronic waste

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SAR RECYCLING SA, in partnership with IB RECYCLING ShpK, recovers every precious metal contained in scrap of electronic material, whether it comes from waste of the IT industry, telephony, telecommunications or military equipment out of order.
Our plant, complete with mills, mixers, separators, as well as rotary melting furnace, and an important chemical treatment department, is able to recover with extreme precision and speed up to the last trace of precious metal ...

Financial management
and quotations

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Thanks to the constant collaboration with the most excellent financial operators in the world, we can satisfy every customer's need in the management of precious metals.
We have ample access to the interbank market for precious metals, currencies and money at preferential trading conditions.
We offer the advice and assistance necessary to make the most of every opportunity on the market ...

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